Workshop on Establishing a Research-Culture in an Educational Institution of a Developing Country


This five-day workshop will review what it means to do research, the similarities and differences between research activity in developed and developing countries, and practical ways to start, develop and advance a research program at the personal and institutional level.

The intended audience are faculty, library staff, students and superior administration in charge of research and education. The workshop will contain both lectures and participatory sessions, with discussions, panels and group exercises destined to create/stimulate ideas, cooperation, and vision.

Workshop plan:

  • What is Research ?
  • Problems faced by Academicians of Developing Countries¬†
    1. How to get going ?
    2. Finding the Problem
    3. Preparing for Research
    4. How to find Funding ?
    5. Finding other resources: books, journals, internet
    6. Time management
  • Research culture
    1. How to Collaborate ?
    2. The research network
    3. Identifying your area
    4. Conferences, journals
  • How to make Progress in Research ?
    1. Skills needed: knowledge, teamwork, ingenuity, curiosity
    2. Planning, persistence and vision
    3. Reality check: did I find something useful?
  • Presenting and publishing
    1. how to write a research paper
    2. how to prepare slides
    3. principles of effective oral communication

Group Exercises:

Besides the lectures, the workshop will include practical group exercises in several of the following areas:

  • Identifying resources for research (will use library, the internet)
  • Identifying research problems
  • Identifying possible collaborations
  • Writing a research paper (may require computers)
  • Giving a presentation (may be done using computers or not using computers)

About the Speaker:


Dr. Marina Meila
Dr. Marina Meila

Dr. Marina Meila has 15 years of university level teaching experience and more than 25 years of research experience. She started, both as an academic and a as a researcher in her country of origin, Romania, which was at the time a developing country. Currently she is an internationally recognized researcher, with more than 50 publications in leading journals and conferences in her field. Dr. Meila is on several editorial boards of major journals, has chaired and participated in the organization of leading conferences in her field, and has given invited lectures in universities worldwide.
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